The Beekman

Stay at The Beekman if you are looking for a downtown location, or want to enjoy Brooklyn yet stay in Manhattan. It is very close to the Brooklyn Bridge, the new amazing Calatrava station, the new site of the World Trade Center and famous Wall Street. The historic building is an architectural jewel that has been renovated and brought back as a gift to New York. Iron, glass, brick and wood predominate the motif, and mosaic floors and luxurious upholstery give The Beekman a rich and majestic décor. Its nine-story atrium is worth a visit for itself, so do spend some time appreciating as many you possibly can. Rooms are somewhat less awe inspiring than the rest of the hotel, yet are beautiful, very comfortable and relaxing, quite handy after a day in the hustle and bustle of the city. They have a vintage flare, wooden floors, are good in size, but try the superior king or larger for a more spacious stay.

123 Nassau Street, New York