Mercer Hotel

Mercer Hotel is housed in an old building in the Gothic Quarter and yet very close to the seaside, a location we simply loved considering we were in Barcelona to enjoy both sides of the city. Stonewalls, antique columns, vaulted ceilings and original wooden beams bring charm to the contemporary décor, furniture and amenities. The setting harmonizes comfort and pleasure in a trendsetting atmosphere. An indoor courtyard with small trees, a rooftop terrace with pools and relaxing chaise lounges, restaurants and bars assured us of a great stay in Barcelona. A proper restaurant, a nice tapas bar and the Terraza upstairs are quite convenient for the days you just want to stay in the hotel and relax. Rooms have a similar wooden themed décor with shades of white, beautiful tapestry and carpets, top-notch linen and some rooms profit from the stone historical walls of the building. The suites go from Junior to Premium and the major one (95m2) adds vivid colors to the décor, giving out a chic yet cozy feeling.

Calle dels Lledó 7.