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Villa Farnesina

How would it be possible to go to Rome and miss Villa Farnesina? Commissioned by a banker from Siena, it is one of the highest expressions of Italian Renaissance. Villa Farnesina houses incredible rooms with amazing frescoes by Raphael, painted in the 16th century, and other, less famous (arguably as skilled) artists. Marble floors, trompe de l’oeil, huge windows with detailed painted panels and richly adorned walls make the Farnesina one of the most beautiful villas in Rome. The name derives from the cardinal that later bought the villa, Alessandro Farnese. Do take a stroll outside in the charming gardens of the property as well. The Farnesina is one of the visits we most love in Rome, quiet, not crowded, away from the most popular attractions and yet an authentic representative of Italian glory. It is located in Trastevere and be careful not to mix it up with Palazzo Farnese (the French embassy nowadays) on the other side of the Tiber river. Opening hours depend on season (even at peak season it closes at 2pm), so please check the website for visiting hours www.villafarnesina.it. If you want to see more art and escape the crowds, cross the street to Galleria Corsini, at the palace of the same name, with sculptures and paintings from a private collection that has taken centuries to be formed and has masters such as Caravaggio on display.

Via della Lungara 230, Rome