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A day in Tivoli

Just fifty minutes by train away from Rome lies this World Heritage site, known for its charming city center, the beautiful gardens in Villa d’Este, the waterfalls at Villa Gregoriana and nearby Villa Adriana. If you intend to go by train, definitely avoid Sundays as after you arrive in Tivoli it is extremely difficult to get a taxi (or even a local bus) to get to Villa d´Este or Villa Adriana. We highly recommend you book a private tour for the whole day, as it will be more comfortable, pleasant and efficient. Still, if you would rather take the train, make a point of avoiding Sundays. Villa d’Este and its amazing gardens and fountains are a must see, as is the interior of the palazzo. Upon leaving step into the lovely Santa Maria Maggiore church, a small and unique church, very different from what you usually see with its dozens crystal chandeliers hanging in the altar. Also not to be missed is the incredibly beautiful Villa Adriana. The villa was built by Hadrian, and a highlight is the Canopus and Serapeum right at the end of the villa, a pool surrounded by statues and an artificial grotto. Closer to the entrance there is another water pool and where they often have music presentations by the ruins, a lovely experience which you may be lucky to have. If any of the attractions must be missed, probably skip Villa Gregoriana. It is a beautiful park with caves and waterfalls, but the other attractions are more unique and quintessential of the area. The visitation hours for all these visits must be checked in advance, they change quite often and some of the them have restricted days and hours. A private tour may help you avoid disappointment, as your guide would look after the logistics for you.