Vila Madalena

Vila Madalena is a symbol of young Paulistano bohemians. It has recently become hip, with young artists, intelectuals and local cool hunters flocking to the area, which comes alive after sunset with busy happy hours that go on into the night. Our preferred spot is Bar Astor (Rua Delfina 163), or any of the bars on Aspicuelta, Girassol, Wisard, Fidalga streets. You will also find interesting popular culture there, like the graffiti of Batman Alley, remember some of the best graffiti artists in the world are Brazilian, like Kobra and Os Gemeos (Twins). Near Vila Madalena you can find the Benedito Calixto flea market in neighbor Pinheiros: this is the best open-air market in São Paulo, largely unknown by tourists and frequented mostly by locals. You can find antiques reflecting the cultural ties between São Paulo and Europe, colorful garments, artisanal leather shoes, and jewelry made of exotic seeds, objects made of recycled materials and loads more. If possible, go early evening, when they play live music, like “Chorinho” (a Brazilian musical style), which echoes as you stroll around and you will find many people dancing freely around. This is a very typically Paulistano way to spend a day.