Allianz Park

Brazilians would have a hard time concealing their passion for football, or soccer, it is no secret they are aficionados. One way to experience this passion first hand it to watch a live football match. We recommend you visit Allianz Park, Palmeiras Football Clubs home ground, as it is the newest stadium and has good infrastructure. The stadium can be toured when there are no games. Other stadiums can be visited also, such as the Pacaembu (where you will find the Football Museum), Morumbi (São Paulo FCs home ground) and Arena Corinthians (Corinthians FC’s home ground). Please note these stadiums are harder to reach and have poorer infrastructure, transport and in-house facilities, so Allianz Park should be a better choice. It is hard to get tickets for any of the games, so try through your hotel concierge who should be able to help with tickets and transport.

Francisco Matarazzo 1705, Água Branca, São Paulo.