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When to

São Paulo is busy welcoming visitors all year round. Located in the tropics, it gets hot summers and temperatures can reach 35C/95F at their peak in January. This is a good time if you plan to spend some time at the beach, as São Paulo is one hour away by car from the coast, but the lovelier beaches are a little further away. Be mindful that extreme heat brings downpours of rain, which tend to come in the early evening in São Paulo. Spring and Autumn (Fall) see more pleasant temperatures, an average of 20C/68F, but they could easily climb up to 25C/77F during the day. In spring parks and gardens are in bloom and local tropical flora is more vibrant, and in autumn you will notice some reddened trees, not as intense as in the northern hemisphere though. The winter fog brings an air of mystery to São Paulo, the city also known for its oscillating rainy periods, but seldom will the temperatures drop below 15C/59F during the day.