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Sintra: Queluz and Pena Palace

Sintra is one of the most beloved places by Lisboetas, this charming historic village is 30 kilometers away from Lisbon’s city center. There are many ways to get there but we highly recommend a car, so you can make your itinerary flexible with free stops and planned tours. Sintra´s most renowned attraction is the colorful Pena Place, set amidst a park and lushly planted gardens, which is also ideal for walking or trekking/hiking if you are in the mood. Pena Palace is situated on a hill and has vividly painted exteriors that can be seen from the distance and is unique in its overflow of styles. We love Pena Palace, but it can get crowded, so we recommend you visit Queluz, only twenty minutes away. This charming 18th Century palace is one of the last in rococo style to be built and is full of baroque ostentation in its interior and some of its façade. The Ballroom, Hall of Ambassadors and “Sala das Mangas” are dazzling. Queluz Palace has elegant gardens with fountains, a richly adorned chapel and one of the highlights is the unique 129-meter long canal with typical Portuguese tiles, we simply loved it! Also not to be missed is the Portuguese School of Equestrian Art in the palace gardens, where you can see world renowned pure blood Lusitano horses and watch some performances.



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