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San Maurizio Monasterio Maggiore

This is an unmissable hidden gem in Milan. Once an old convent, to which young girls from noble and aristocratic families were sent, the San Maurizio is considered the Sistine Chapel of Milan. The understated façade does not give much away, but its interiors are richly painted by artists who were part of Da Vinci’s school of influence, mostly commissioned by the iconic Sforzas. One of the reasons the monastery has such splendorous walls, ceilings and vaults totally covered (literally every single inch) in magnificent frescoes, is that nuns came from very prominent families, which were proud to have their daughters practicing devotion in a place that also represented their noble wealthy heritage. Pay close attention to the ceilings, the hall of nuns and St Agata carrying her breasts (there is an Italian sweet called minni di virgini that depicts this passage of the religious history). Not to be missed!

Via Corso Magenta 15, Milan