Rent a Bike

You would not be able to say you had a true Amsterdam experience if you did not ride a bike. Spring and summer are especially good for that, but you will see locals riding around in all temperatures, rain or shine, from pleasant summers to harsh winters. The city is flat, which makes for an easy ride. Pedal along the canals or in the many beautiful parks in town, stop to sample some locally brewed beer and enjoy the day! Make sure you are aware of something very dear to them: pedestrians must not walk on bike paths and bikes must not ride on pedestrian sidewalks. Bike paths are clearly marked, so just take notice. Most of our suggested hotels offer complimentary bikes to guests, but if you would rather try a rental company we quite liked Your City Bike, they have different types of bikes in many styles and are centrally located.

Kerkstraat 27-H, 1017GB