Considered one of the most beautiful showcases of flowers in the world, the Keukenhof gardens are usually open from the end of March until mid-May, when you can see flowers at full blossom. Enjoy the breathtaking sight of the fields of tulips outside the garden, with astounding colors which will likely stay with you for years to come. Tulips are the absolute highlight, but Keukenhof offers plenty more: magnificent landscaped flowerbeds, small ponds, cafés, special events and artwork displays. People from all over the world travel to Amsterdam at this time of the year just to visit Keukenhof, a reference to its magnificence, yet visiting at this time can make your stay in Amsterdam a bit more costly. Although we generally recommend renting a car for visits outside town for greater flexibility, this time we took Keukenhof’s bus, and recommend it as the most convenient way to get there. Buses leave central Museumpleim twice daily with morning pick-ups and afternoon drop offs, quite handy, and means you avoid the extremely busy parking lot at Keukenhof.

2160 AB, Stationsweg 166A, 2161 AM Lisse