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Praia de São Rafael e Praia da Falésia

What a fantastic day! We started in the Vilamoura region, a more conventional beach for Algarve standards, yet very beautiful. Ahead of you an infinite deep blue sea and behind you the red cliffs and rocky towers. You’ll need to park on the upper region of the cliff and climb down to the beach. There is a small beach hut selling beverages, sandwiches and ice cream, should you not bring your own. Drive on for another 30 minutes to Albufeira and look for Praia de São Rafael. What a view! Cliffs, rocks, the beautiful sea. To your right you’ll find a small and more secluded beach, to your left the more popular larger one. Take the opportunity to walk along the clifftops, near where you will have parked. There is a small trail with views that will likely bring plenty of photo opportunities. This will be a day spent sunbathing or laying in the shade of a parasol, with fresh breeze, dives into the sea, vitamin D and no stress!