Murano is a nearby small island where the famous and colorful glasses of the same name are produced. It is in Venice’s lagoon, not far at all and easily accessible by taking any of the many boats around the canal near the Doge Palace. Once there, head to Rio dei Vetrai, where you will find many houses making and selling the pretty glasses, then visit the Mazzega Glass Factory, one of the most renowned in Murano and where you can visit the showroom and production facilities. If the history of this craftmanship is of interest, visit the Museo del Vetro. After seeing what Murano is so famous for, and probably after having done some shopping, why not check its beautiful Basilica di Santa Mara e San Donato with its Byzantine features? A visit to Murano is perfect for a half-day experience, but if you want to spend more time in town and have a meal, try B Restaurant alla Vecchia Pescheria for delicious seafood and ask for an outside table, if weather allows.