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A day away in Óbidos

We highly recommend you extend your Lisbon stay by one or two days so that you can make day trips to sights a little further away, but very much worthy of a visit. The picturesque medieval town of Óbidos, only eighty kilometers from Lisbon, is a fortified city that hides a small treasure behind its walls. It is such a jewel that many queens demanded Óbidos as a wedding gift and therefore the city is also known as Queen’s town. We loved the tiled gate (Porta da Vila) at the entrance of the citadel, and as we made our way up the narrow streets to the castle, we passed by gorgeous small churches, the site for many a royal enthroning, as well as charming white houses. Once you reach the top, do enjoy the breathtaking views. If you plan to have a meal try the restaurant in the Pousada do Castelo, a lovely hotel within the Castle’s premises. The restaurant is very good and has delightful views of Obidos and its surroundings. As you make your way down, before heading back to Lisbon, taste some ginjinha, a Portuguese drink that has its origins in the Óbidos region. We did this “day away” by car (plenty of day car rentals are available), since we love the possibility of stopping at interesting sights as we come across them, but trains are also available. Just be aware as the train stops are quite a distance from the fortress, so gear up for long walks.