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Casa Casuarina

Casa Casuarina was the mansion owned by Gianni Versace, and, sadly, where his tragic murder took place. Watch the series an “American Crime Story”, season “The Assassination of Gianni Versace”, and enjoy the Casa’s great scenes. Inspired by the Alcazar de Colón, home to the family of Christopher Columbus in Santo Domingo, it has now become a very luxurious, highly extravagant and opulent hotel. We do not recommend an overnight stay, unless you are open to an overstated flamboyant décor, yet Casa Casuarina is well worth a visit. It is located on South Beach’s waterfront, that Versace helped become a hot spot,  behind large gates, and a reservation at the Gianni’s restaurant will give you access the property. Take a stroll around the impressive courtyard, check out the gold mosaic lined swimming pool, the stunning murals and the frescoes. We really enjoyed it, but we were a  bit lucky, we had no reservations… nowadays, due to the series’ success, reservations are a must. In case you would like to stay at the hotel check rates at  The Villa Casa Casuarina.

1116 Ocean Drive, Miami Beach