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Boat Trip in Faro

If you are in Faro, the Algarve’s largest city, this boat trip is really lovely. Please be mindful that Faro is far from the most popular sights which come to mind when you think of the Algarve, the rocks and cliffs and magnificent views. In Faro one can mix up the sea and the river and the infrastructure is very simple with no starred restaurants or trendy bars in sight. Here you’ll find a rustic, yet authentic, vibe. Our tour was offered by the hotel in which we stayed, the Faro Hotel Beach & Resort, our top choice if staying in this area. Take an early boat trip through the river and head towards the sea, going by the sand dunes, a bird sanctuary and Santa Maria cape. When you arrive, climb down to the beach, where the water is cold but stunning and very clear and clean. From there head to Praia do Farol, where you’ll be able to spend more time as there are beach huts and bars for your catering needs. Enjoy the stunning sea views and even go for a dive. When afternoon comes head to Olhão, where we sat at a simple restaurant which served one of the freshest sea food we tasted in the Algarve, and do not miss the amêijoas, the local clams.