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Faro Hotel Beach and Resort

This is probably the best hotel in the Faro area. Bear in mind this is where the region’s largest airport is located, so depending on where you are travelling from you may chose to stay at least overnight in Faro. And if you do want to explore the area of the Algarve between Faro and the Spanish border, staying in Faro is the best option. This waterfront property is right by the ocean. Although there is no beach in sight, it is located at a point where the river flows to the sea. It is in the heart of the small city center, amidst lovely streets with plenty of bars and restaurants. Breakfast is served over beautiful views in a lovely large room on the top floor. The accommodation is simple yet quite efficient. Request a river or sea view room. If staying over, take the hotel’s own metal-boat trips to practically deserted beaches such as Farol and Cabo de Santa Maria, but not without first appreciating the bird sanctuary located on the way. The hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to the local Faro beach, located a few kilometers away, and has a kiosk for guests’ convenience to purchase food and beverages. However, we felt this beach brings few attractions, so opt for the boat trip instead. The hotel staff is very attentive.

Praça D. Francisco Gomes, n. 2, Faro.