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Moscow pulsates its historic past and the splendour of its monuments, subway stations and orthodox churches. The Red Square, Kremlin and St Basil’s Cathedral are probably already in your visit list, and they are all really stunning. But Moscow goes way beyond those wonderful iconic sights, take a look at some great spots we suggest for your next visit to the Russian capital, we are sure you will also marvel at them.

Even though its white façade and golden domes are easily recognizable, it surprises us to learn that travelers miss a visit to this cathedral and go only to St Basil’s. It is quite interesting to learn that this magnificent religious building was torn down during communist era, only to be rebuilt some decades ago. Its interiors are as magnificent as the building seen from the… Read more »

This 18th century landmark building and iconic theater in Moscow is legendary and praised internationally. Its ballet dancers are considered the best in the world and a refrence in this art. Home to masters like Nureyev and Baryshnikov, attending a performance at the Bolshoi could be an experience of a lifetime if you fancy ballet; be aware that programs are usually long. Another option is… Read more »

This 16th century convent complex and Maiden’s Monastery was declared World Heritage by Unesco years ago. Different from other monasteries’ fates, the Novodevichy has been very well preserved probably due to the noble background of ladies who were sent there. It holds one of the most impressive collections of icons, and you should not miss the Smolensky Cathedral and its impressive frescoes, as well as… Read more »

This flea market goes back to the 17th century and still is one of the largest in Eastern Europe. Traders from the whole Russia come to this lively market where you can find all sorts of crafts, souvenirs and memorabilia. Faux furs and typical Russian fur cap called ushanka, bijous with stones from the Baltic sea, souvenirs, objects from the Soviet era, decor items, war… Read more »

If you enjoy the history of space explorations, as well as the race that characterized the fierce competition between superpowers in the Cold War do not miss a visit to this museum. It has not only relics from old times but also rockets, satellites and astronaut costumes. Special exhibitions on solar system programs, space walks and spaceships are on site, as well as a movie… Read more »