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Casa Balthazar

A recent Suite49 traveler who stayed at this “Casa” summarized the experience in a single word: fantastic. The building has been in the owner’s family for five generations, and the emotional investment by management and staff can be felt in the way guests are warmly welcomed. The guesthouse is part of the Confeitaria Nacional Group, which includes one of the most prestigious and old patisseries in Lisbon, the very one that caters the delicious breakfast which is brought to your room. It is a perfect retreat at a central location, Chiado, one of our preferred neighborhoods in town. There is no on-site restaurant, but the abundant offer of some of the best restaurants, cafés and bars in town within walking distance from Casa Balthazar more than makes up for this. What we like the most about this venue is its overall homely atmosphere, mixing a contemporary flair with the old quintessentially Portuguese charm. The facilities are perfectly lovely, not only in the impeccably decorated interiors, but also the delightful small courtyard, pool and garden, all inviting and relaxing. The spacious and tastefully decorated bedrooms have wonderful panoramic terraces with views to Lisbon’s “casario” and rooftops. As you probably already gathered, the staff is friendly and courteous, attentively catering to your needs. Attention: it is difficult to find the Casa, so be sharp with your map. You must climb a small slope and hill, so elderly or disabled travelers may find better alternative options in town.

Rua do Duque 26, Santa Maria Maior, Lisbon