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Eat & Drink

A trip to the Adriatic Sea will likely tickle your cravings for exquisite seafood and Dubrovnik will not disappoint. Excellent fish, mussels, oysters and all types of seafood are to be found in the region, where locals follow typical Mediterranean eating habits. Spaghetti with lobster and wine sauce is one of the local dishes, together with octopus and ultra fresh grilled fish. Do not overlook the excellent olive oil, local prosciutto and do sample some Croatian wine, which was surprisingly good.

If you are looking for a stunning setting and amazing views, as well as good food, do not miss the 360. Set on the great walls of Dubrovnik themselves and in the middle of the historical city, this cool restaurant overlooks the harbor and has an expansive view of Old Town. We were told the food did not use to be particularly good, but a… Read more »

Right in the heart of the walled citadel, this popular restaurant is very traditional and has a long lasting, and well deserved, reputation. We had the best fish in town and an excellent prawn risotto, both preceded by various types of oysters, some served fresh in lime juice, some grated, all delicious. Enquire about the catches of the day, a good and super fresh choice.… Read more »

A very laid back tavern in Old Town, set in a charming square that hosts a green market in the mornings. We tried Kamenice by chance, and at night, as we saw the lines for a table and suspected that the food was good. Wise decision: the octopus salad was the best we had in Dubrovnik and the mussels were excellent, accompanied by refreshing beers… Read more »

Unmissable. It is just a bar, or a café, that struck us as the most interesting place to have drinks and snacks in Dubrovnik. We found it by chance, as we walked over Old Town’s walls and spotted a hidden place at a distance from where people were diving into the water. We later learned the Buza Bar is famous for this. It fits the… Read more »

Everybody seems to talk about the Nautika, and discussions over its quality and price range on a wide spectrum and draw a lot of attention. It is an upmarket restaurant in a unique setting and although we did not deem the quality to be outstanding, the food was delicious and the whole experience well worth it. Set by the walled city, classy Nautika has magnificent… Read more »

Located at the Bellevue Hotel, atop a cliff with amazing views to a small bay, Vapor has a relaxing and enchanting atmosphere at night, with candle lights and a fresh sea breeze. The food is excellent and the Chef well known for using innovative ingredients to elaborate creative dishes that still maintain authentic regional flavors. We varied somewhat from the excellent seafood in town and… Read more »

Established in 1932, this bar in Old Town is an institution in Dubrovnik. Travelers undoubtedly pass right in front of it, so, while on your early evening stroll in the walled city along the Stradun (main street), why not stop for a pre-dinner drink? Relax in the beautiful setting of the medieval city with white stones streets, stately religious temples and grand buildings and make… Read more »