Vila Joya

The Hotel Vila Joya is probably one of the most traditional and renowned hotels in the Algarve. In a beach chic style, with a Mediterranean villa flair, frequent guests include Portuguese and British couples who have been visiting the resort for a few years. The gorgeous twenty-two room property is decorated in a discreetly Moorish style and has elegant and inviting common areas with wooden floors, a large staircase, detailed ceilings, arched balconies and a well ventilated ambiance. One of its main restaurants is starred, one of the few in Portugal with two Michelin stars, led by the famous Austrian chef Dieter Koschina. We had a spectacular meal there, if rather expensive, worthy of special occasions. Adjacent to the restaurant is a cozy bar that attracts non-guests as well. Breakfast only stops being served when every hotel guest has awoken, indicating the level of exclusivity and the high-end hospitality you’ll enjoy. There are garden and sea views at every angle, so take the opportunity to watch the stunning sunset. Also do not miss spending some time at the pool, immediately across from Galé Beach, where you get the impression you are on your own private stretch of land. This hotel really is a gem, as stated in its name Joya, exquisite as a pearl in an oyster.

Estrada da Galé, Albufeira.