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Tivoli Marina

This is a large and well structure Tivoli property. It is located in Vilamoura, one of the nicest cities in the region, but forget about quaint residential areas and charming small streets. Vilamoura is a resort town where you’ll find outstanding restaurants, large golf resorts, beautiful luxurious homes, beach clubs and a large marina from which plenty of lavish yachts can be seen departing. Our favorite thing about this property was that on one side you’ll find the beach, on the other the marina, so you cannot go wrong with the views. There is a private hotel area in the beach with wait staff ready to cater to your needs, a large swimming pool, beautiful gardens and a lovely spa, all at your service to ensure you have a special stay. One of the nicest beach clubs of the region, Puro Beach, is set within the property and attracts guests and non-guests alike. Accommodation is modern and spacious, many with glass walls guaranteeing plenty of light and amazing views. Request a room with a balcony. Vilamoura and this Tivoli property are the perfect choice if you are looking for a stay in a trendy modern resort area with a bustling nightlife. The hotel also offers good infrastructure for children and accommodates large events.

Marina de Vilamoura, Vilamoura