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Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella

This beautiful building was the first pharmacy in Florence, founded in 1612. It has kept the original purpose, charm and features of an old drugstore, with marble flooring, painted ceilings and crystal decoration. Marvel at the antique furniture and sculptures, beautifully placed amidst the extensive selection of high quality cosmetics and perfumery goods displayed. Renowned in Europe, some of their products still carry the original formula, and you can find perfumes, creams, soaps, house scents and candles. The flagship product, Acqua di Cologne, is a delightful light perfume believed to have been created for Catherine di Medici. The Officina is really worth a visit and in the piazza nearby you can spend some time admiring the enchanting basilica Santa Maria Novella, one of the most important churches in Tuscany.

Via della Scala 16, Firenze