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Day Trip to Siena

Just over an hour by train or car brings you to one of the most beautiful cities in Italy: Siena. At the center of this lovely small town from the medieval times is Piazza del Campo. This unique shell shaped piazza is the perfect spot for an expresso or lunch overlooking the city’s landmark. You should also dedicate some time to admire Siena’s cathedral, the Duomo at the Piazza del Duomo, and be marveled by one of the most impressive interiors in the world. Pay special attention to its artful floors, paved with rich marble drawings, the typical Florentine columns and overall architecture. Do not miss the overwhelming Piccolomini Library. The use of adjectives is no exaggeration here: the beauty of the Duomo is breathtaking. Next door is the wonderful Battistero, also worth a visit.  We suggest a day trip should suffice to see the main attractions of Siena, especially as the train schedules are quite good, so we suggest you keep your base in Florence (and extend 1 night if necessary). Please note Siena is incredibly busy during the warm months of July and August, as the city attracts many visitors to its world famous Palio di Siena, a traditional horse race dating back to medieval times, so plan accordingly.