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Fondaco dei Tedeschi

This wonderful historical building, one of the most famous in Venice, has become a new hotspot for high-end shopping, quite a different experience from the many stalls and souvenir shops in neighboring Rialto Bridge. The interiors are spectacular and a signature of famous Koolhaas, who perfectly mixed the renaissance essence of the building with a magnificent contemporary style. Labels like Burberry, Fendi and Gucci can be found there, but even if you are not a keen high fashion shopper, it is worth visiting the venue for the building and inner courtyard alone, and you will surely pass by it when visiting the famous Rialto Bridge. Once there, go up its rooftop terrace for the beautiful views and check the Fondaco’s program, since they also offer art exhibitions some weeks of the year. By the way, the name Tedeschi derives from the powerful Germanic merchants who used Venice as a trade hub between the Orient and the Alps. The building’s ground floor was once used as a warehouse and the top floors as offices. It does feel a little more charming to go shopping at Fondaco knowing its interesting history.

Calle del Fontego dei Tedeschi, Rialto Bridge, 30124.