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When to

Early April to mid-October is when the weather is most pleasant and you can enjoy all Washington DC has to offer. In the heat of the summer, we recommend you take up some water sports on Potomac River, a good way to cool off and escape the hot humid days. If outdoor activities are your favorite, consider travelling in the Fall or Spring, as the milder temperatures are best suited to longer time outdoors. Fall is enchanting, with leaves and foliage of all shades adorning the scenery, pleasant daytime temperatures and a crisp evening air. Springtime attracts many visitors for its cherry blossom trees and blooming private gardens, a truly unforgettable sight. Note that as the temperatures rise, however, so will hotel rates. Avoid winter altogether if you want to enjoy outdoor activities, as although comparably not as cold as other northern US cities, it is still not particularly pleasant to stroll around and see the sights with chattering teeth. If you can cope with cold temperatures and are content with indoor attractions, winter could be a good time to visit, as hotel rates are somewhat more favorable.