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The Algarve, in southern Portugal, is simply enchanting. A region full of small sea-side towns and countryside villages, where life is easy going and slow paced… until summertime. The British have long discovered the Algarve and can be found enjoying its beaches and teeing off in the many golf resorts. More recently, the French and the Italians have also started to frequent the region as… Read more »

La Ville-Lumière, or City of Light, is architecturally privileged, gastronomically perfect, utterly romantic and culturally diverse. It is no wonder Paris is the most visited city in the world, it is simply magnifique! Visitors can enjoy walks in the beautiful parks and gardens, shopping in the huge variety of fashionable trend-setting establishments and an array of Parisian sightseeing. Take a stroll along the elegant Rive… Read more »

Usually associated with partying, Mykonos is certainly the kind of place where you can easily enjoy dancing the nights away. Yet, this paradisiac Greek island also has a tranquil side amidst its magnificent sea of endless hues of blue and awe-inspiring sunsets. Our latest stay on the island was quite a long one and we were delighted to find many quiet or even secluded stretches… Read more »

Boston breathes history. In its streets were staged many events relevant to US history and the characters we read about in books seem to appear as you stroll around the city. Situated in the northern region of America, Boston has a high quality of life and its school system and public services attract new residents on an ongoing basis. Boston is hot, despite the cold (forgive the pun), and picturesque… Read more »

Rome was not built in a day. All roads lead to Rome. When in Rome do as Romans do. Eternal Rome. Probably no other city in the world has as many proverbs and sayings as Rome. And that indicates the obvious importance of the city to history and civilization. However, the interesting thing about Rome is that not only does it have some of the… Read more »

The history of Santorini is as dramatic and impactful as its landscape. The island is located in a region that staged one of the biggest volcanic eruptions ever registered, said to have caused the disappearance of the Minoan civilization, hundreds of kilometers away in Crete. Vulcanic ashes, tsunamis and a natural disaster formed a huge crater and caldera, which we know today as Santorini. Awe struck… Read more »

The image we generally have of Vienna is one of elegance, opulence and imperial sophistication, a city with a strong connection to history, music and the Waltz. And that image is accurate, if somewhat simplistic. Important historical milestones for architecture and the arts took place in Vienna, and a trip to the city should include visits to the emblematic sites that marked these movements. Divided… Read more »

Florence, declared a world heritage site by Unesco, is the capital of Italy’s enchanting Tuscan region. Considered the Cradle of the Renaissance, the historical context for the flourishing of the city and the importance of the art originated there helped shape Europe as we know it. Masters of art, politics and finance lived in Florence, a combination which led to some historical and artistic treasures… Read more »

New York, New York, the most exciting, dynamic and cosmopolitan city in the world. A hub for business and finance, culture, entertainment, gastronomy and home to iconic Central Park. Some of the world’s greatest museums, art galleries and alternative art scene are concentrated there, as are musicians and music lovers, gathering in concert halls, jazz clubs, performing arts and world-renowned venues like Carnegie Hall and… Read more »

Croatia is home to a darling little seaport village called Dubrovnik. This prominent destination in the Adriatic Sea has a small population that is in no way proportional to the many beauties the place has to offer. The city, developed on maritime trade, was influenced by many cultures and developers including the Greeks, Ottomans and Venetians. The beautiful historical city center, with an enchanting ancient… Read more »

Blue skies, white sandy beaches, calm turquoise seas, jet-setting restaurants, a vibrant nightlife and a modern downtown area, all spiced with a captivating Latino vibe: welcome to Miami. Every time we visit Miami, we feel like ranking it as one of the top destinations in the world. It is the perfect tropical urban metropolis and a few days in Miami is sure to leave you… Read more »

One of the most enchanting cities in South America, Cartagena seduces visitors with its old colonial architecture, unique musical, artistic and culinary talents and charming beaches and islands. For centuries, it was a mecca for gold seekers. Its wealthy residents built elaborate mansions and palaces in the historic center, many of which have now been converted into richly designed hotels and restaurants. It is no… Read more »

The city named after its country is surely a must visit when planning a trip to Portugal. A Unesco heritage site, Porto is the second largest urban center and maintained all the charms and traditions you would expect to find in the northern part of the country. The splendid Douro river and nearby valleys, part of the city’s history and allure, inspired fado songs and… Read more »

Brussels is not very frequently found in travelers’ lists of destinations in Europe, a fact which we find to be undeserved. The city, usually remembered as home to the European Parliament and associated to bureaucracy, is in fact a lovely place and the ideal gateway for a weekend or an extension to your days in popular Paris or Amsterdam, both only one and a half… Read more »

The northern tip of the Adriatic Sea is home to the unique Venice, a sought after destination in Italy, considered to be one of the prettiest cities in the world. It keeps its singularity as a city developed over tree trunks in the muddy grounds of a lagoon and that is subject to tides that overflow its charming piazzas. Venice’s quintessential architecture, romantic canals, lovely… Read more »

Bologna has been overshadowed by other incredibly beautiful Italian cities like Rome, Florence and Venice. Yet, discerning travelers would not miss a visit to one of the most elegant and interesting cities in Italy. Located in the Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is known as La Grossa (“The Fat”), a reference to its amazing cuisine. It has been attracting an increasing amount of gourmets and gourmands who… Read more »

Traditional, sophisticated, trend setting and contemporary: London is a perfect blend of it all, and our unashamed love of this magnificent city knows no bounds. Home to the most famous Royal Family, this cosmopolitan city is one of the world’s capitals of finance and a key world economic influencer. Yet, London is a perfect gateway into culture, architecture, history, entertainment, fashion and the arts. Once… Read more »

The upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup has made Moscow focus all of its efforts in becoming more of a top-notch destination choice for travelers. Investments in logistics, hotels, overall infrastructure and signaling in the Roman alphabet will make visitors’ lives a lot easier. Even if you are not fond of the sport it is a good opportunity to see the city after such a serious… Read more »

The most fascinating thing about Amsterdam is that it has a personality all of its own. Renowned for its cultural diversity, liberal policies and tolerance, evident both in it its history and modern society, it is easy to be charmed by Amsterdam. The canals, the architecture, the language, the food, the art, the nightlife… everything is unique and intriguing. The city’s inhabitants move around in… Read more »

Barcelona has become a brand in itself. One of the most recognized European cities worldwide, its dynamic business environment, trade fairs and cultural effervescence draw travelers on both leisure and business to explore it. The capital of Catalonia is also the largest city in the coast of the Mediterranean, and one of the largest urban extensions in Europe. In the last many years it has… Read more »