Local: Vienna

The image we generally have of Vienna is one of elegance, opulence and imperial sophistication, a city with a strong connection to history, music and the Waltz. And that image is accurate, if somewhat simplistic. Important historical milestones for architecture and the arts took place in Vienna, and a trip to the city should include visits to the emblematic sites that marked these movements. Divided… Read more »

A day in Dürnstein is a lovely day trip when staying in Vienna. This small town looks like something out of a story book fairy tale. Right by the Danube, it offers beautiful views of the river and Wachau valley, a UNESCO heritage site. It is a perfect day trip, located one hour away from Vienna, and it can be reached by train, car or… Read more »

Certainly, a trip to Vienna will include a visit to Hofburg Palace, but many are not aware that the palace is home to the Spanish Riding School of Vienna. Watching a horse show will make for a unique experience, distinct from the many visits to palaces and museums. These beautiful traditional performances take place in an 18th Century Baroque building and date back to the… Read more »

Sacher, one of the most traditional cafes in Europe, is located in a hotel of the same name and is world known for its namesake pie. The sachertorte, which resembles a cake with layers of jelly filled chocolate dough, can be found in many European cities nowadays. But, when in Vienna, you simply have to sample the original pie in its place of origin. The… Read more »

The group started out as a catering business but soon expanded their line and today have restaurants and even hotels. In Vienna, visit the branch across from Vienna Cathedral, Stephensdom. Request a window seat with views to the cathedral, so you can appreciate the beautifully colorful mosaic rooftop, famous all over the world. Our experience was excellent as the food was as delicious as the… Read more »

Heurigers are the Austrian taverns which produce their own wine. With typical décor, resembling German taverns, the Austrian heurigers seemed more welcoming and we felt like we were in a traditional local place. Look for a tavern that appears to have lots of local residents for a more authentic experience. We went to Heuriger Wieninger, a little further away from the town center, and had… Read more »

Considered one of the best restaurants in Austria, with two Michelin stars, the Steirereck is priced accordingly and hence is a good option for special occasions. The lunch menu is more accessible, yet there are less options. The venue is simply stunning, given the combination of its über modern external structure in glass cubes and its Stadpark location. You get a feeling you are fine… Read more »

If you are looking for a 4-star property with a jovial retro cool flair that is close to the center and main attractions, look no further. The Ruby Sofie is outside Ringstrasse yet still only a twenty-minute walk, or five-minute taxi ride, to Stephansplatz. It is also right next to other interesting Vienna sightseeing spots, like the Hundertwasserhaus.  The property is a converted theater and… Read more »

The Altstadt is located in the Spittelberg region, one of our favorite areas in the city. The neighborhood has a residential feel, small cobblestone streets and charming homes, yet is still quite near the center and its main attractions. The recently renovated building houses an array of styles, as each room has a unique layout and decor. Some rooms are classic and others modern, some… Read more »

Hotel Grand Ferdinand is one of our favorites in Vienna. Aside from being gorgeous and super charming, it is very well located and offers impeccable service. The hotel is a ten-minute walk to Stephanplatz, home to the famous cathedral and many other of the city’s attractions. It is also next to Stadpark, one of the most beautiful parks in Vienna and well worthy of a… Read more »

The Hotel Intercontinental in Vienna falls outside our standards, as we avoid hotel chains due to their characteristic lack of personality. However, the Intercontinental is so well located in Vienna, and our stay at this property was so pleasant, that we decided to add it to our list of recommended properties. The location is just perfect, right next to the city’s most beautiful parks, the… Read more »